There are five heads of damages one can claim from the Road Accident Fund when a collision occurs which we provide further details thereof below:

1. Past Medical Expenses
These are damages which encompass medical expenses incurred by you or your medical aid for the emergency, non-emergency and rehabilitation costs incurred from the date of the collision to the date of finalization of your claim.

2. Future Medical Expenses
These are damages referring to medical expenses still to be incurred for the remainder of your natural life such as: future hospitalization for potential surgeries and/or other health care, medical and domestic carers, house and vehicle adaptations and all associated devices or medical supplies required, including pharmaceutical requirements.

3. General Damages
These are damages which can shortly be defined as a globular monetary award for your pain and suffering as well as loss of amenities of life.

4. Past and Future Loss of Earnings
These damages are broken up into two sections the first of which is your past loss of earnings and the second being your future loss of earnings and/or loss of earning capacity as a result of being unemployable or becoming less competitive in the open labour market due to the injuries suffered.